What is delhincrtutor.com?

delhincrtutor.com is a platform which connects students with nearby quality tutors. Student will be able to find tutor for classes if they register with us.

Students can directly chat with Tutors, share contact information etc.

How will a student contact me?

Students will contact tutors in their locality who offer the subjects they need help with. All LIVE tutors will be displayed in search results.
If a student likes your profile, s/he will message you through delhincrtutor.com . Tutors are encouraged to check their messages often to keep track of potential students.

How can I contact a student?

Only students or parents can contact tutors. Tutors may only contact students or parents who have made an initial inquiry through AimUno.

What are reviews & ratings and why they are important for my profile ?

Reviews and ratings are our system of feedback to tutors from students. Students are requested to rate the tutor after every session.
Good ratings for your profile will get you more students and classes. Ask your students to write reviews after classes – this will add more credibility to your profile.

Where would I take classes for a student?

Students and parents get to choose the location of the classes. Most students prefer their homes.
However we do not regulate class locations, and students and tutors are free to choose mutually convenient locations of study.

How i can become member of Delhi NCR Tutor

Teacher can become member only after verification from our team and can follow our membership plan which exist on our home page or they can call our customer care for help.